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On Impact and Indexes: Jack McBean scored big with Sunday's goal

Jack McBean's goal in just 27 minutes of play made him stand out on the Castrol Index and Match Impact Rating.


If you are a professional soccer player and want to rule at advanced player metrics, I have a suggestion. All you have to do is come in late, sometime after the sixtieth minute, and score a goal. That's it, just come in off the bench with a full understanding of the match's flow and score the goal the starting forwards couldn't. No big deal.

Yes, as a result of his super sub goal, Jack McBean shot up the advanced player metrics charts this week. He led the team with a Match Impact Rating of 186.4, as advanced metrics would have him score three goals had he played a full 90.

McBean also faired well in the Castrol Index. He showed up on the weekly index at no. 20 with his one goal in 27 minutes and his movements on the field. Mike Magee still sits atop the Castol Index for the third straight week after his hat trick in the season opener.

I'm usually a champion of advanced metrics, and while McBean certainly earned recognition for his efforts, I'm less sure than Colin Clark deserves recognition. His two fouls in the offensive half and quick exit gave him an MIR of 60, but more important than his suffering a foul were Juninho's free kick, Omar's ability to keep the ball in play,

There was another Galaxy player to make the weekly top 20 in Castol Index, A.J. DeLaGarza. DeLaGarza was asked to wear many hats on Sunday, starting at center back, then going out to fullback after halftime, then continuing as part of a three man back line as the Galaxy pushed for their lone goal. He was the one who fed Mike Magee on the play that ultimately led to Jack McBean's goal. He finished with an MIR of 40, just behind Jose Villarreal at 42.2.

On the full Castrol Index Robbie Keane clocks in at 11, A.J. DeLaGarza at 19 and Omar Gonzalez at 21. Colin Clark doesn't make an appearance until 227. That's behind the New York Red Bulls' Roy Miller, who almost singlehandedly cost the Red Bulls their match against the San Jose Earthquakes in week 2.