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MLS Fantasy: Todd Dunivant's exit makes him top Galaxy point earner

Todd Dunivant got out while things were still 0-0. The change got the Galaxy Jack McBean's goal, but an ugly game to that point and then a sloppy finish hurt his teammates.


I predicted on twitter that with all the nil-nil draws in MLS over rivalry week, defenders were going to rule the Fantasy landscape. Graham Zusi continues to be the most valuable fantasy player thus far, but the top point earner in week three was Columbus Crew's Glauber.

For the LA Galaxy, Carlo Cudicini letting in the one goal he faced hurt him pretty badly. Todd Dunivant edged out Jack McBean as the Galaxy's top fantasy earner. Since Dunivant left the match before the Chivas equalizer, he gets the four point clean sheet credit. His one point defending credit puts him ahead of Jack McBean who got five points for the goal plus one point for appearing.

Juninho got both a defending bonus and an attacking bonus, the only player in the midfield to receive a bonus. The Brazilian midfielder showed from the get go he was going to play tough, picking up a foul before the end of the first minute. His eight recoveries and three key passes show a great effort, one that doesn't appeared to have been matched by his offensive teammates.

Omar Gonzalez did more for the Galaxy attack than much of the midfield. His three key passes (one of which was a cross from outside the box) were enough for an attacking bonus and his pass to Jose Villarreal that led to the header off the crossbar was deemed a big chance, enough for another attacking bonus point. He also got a defensive bonus point.

Jose Villarreal and Omar Gonzalez' big chance creates a nice alternate universe where the Galaxy were up 1-0 before the red card and things go much more smoothly. Dan Kennedy's hand was there, and there's a solid possibility he makes the save if the crossbar doesn't.

Ultimately, the Fantasy stats back up the same story from earlier this morning. The aerial game was the only thing working for the Galaxy with Chivas playing so many men behind the ball and so physically, and the aerial game isn't Robbie Keane's specialty.