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David Beckham makes debut for Paris-St. Germain

David Beckham came on for PSG with fifteen minutes left, and had a key pass that led to a Paris St. Germain's goal in a 2-0 victory.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Things took time to get going for Paris St. Germain in their match against Marseille, but with David Beckham on the bench all eyes were on him. He made his PSG debut at the 76' mark, and was able to chip the ball up for a goal scoring play.

According to Opta Sports, Beckham at 37 years and 9 months is the oldest outfield player in Ligue 1 since Claude Makelele (38 years, 3 months) in 2011. The defensive midfielder Makelele retired with PSG in 2011.

Paris-St. Germain held a 1-0 lead at the time Beckham came in thanks to a Lucas Moura goal that was deflected in. David Beckham's injury time chip with the outside of his boot started a play that ultimately led to Zlatan Ibrahimovic notching in a late clincher.

Beckham made twelve passes, eight of them successful, completing 66% of his passes. Playing in the central midfield, Beckham was able to cover most of the outfield, with most of his passes going out to the wings.

Hopefully this means PSG plans to use Beckham in more than just a ceremonial role. He's still got some get-up in those legs.