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Video: Landon Donovan speaks on US national team future

Landon Donovan spoke to a sports journalism class at USC. The LA Galaxy captain is on record saying he'd like to come back to the US national team if they'll have him.

Landon Donovan may still be on extended leave, but he took time out last night to speak to a USC sports journalism class. He touched on the various times he's felt defeated, or burnt out, and how he's been able to come to a place where he plays soccer because he likes to; not because he needs to.

The question of when he's coming back to the LA Galaxy has been answered, but the remain question out there has been whether or not he'll return to the national team. He told USC students last night that he was still open if the opportunity arrises.

His agent, Richard Motzkin posted this video of him on youtube, answering the question of whether he'll return to the national team. He acknowledges to the crowd that the United States is in the middle of World Cup Qualifying and that it's a hectic time. He's still not in playing mode yet, but it sounds like he's at "I'll come if you'll have me" with Jurgen Klinsmann. The way things have looked lately, he seems to have the leverage.