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LA Galaxy logo prototype from 2007 found in depths of internet

The LA Galaxy rebranded in 2007 with new colors and logos. Of course, the final product wasn't the only option considered.

Jeff Gross

Rebranding is no small task, yet that's the one that Alexi Lalas and the LA Galaxy took on in 2007. It's a step almost every original MLS team has taken, shedding off the old brand to re-emerge in MLS 2.0. We're all familiar with the shield that now adorns the Galaxy kits, but I've been on a mission to find some of the designs that didn't make the cut.



I finally found one this afternoon. Lalas worked with a company called SME Branding. They've handled many sports campaigns including MLS' "Football.Futbal.Soccer" and work for adidas.

Hopefully I'll get to chat with the designers soon, but when I found this I just had to share. There isn't much by the way of pixels there, so even after blowing the image up I can't tell what the animals on the side of the shield are.

Have to say, I like it a lot but I can see how the shield on its own is better. I enjoy the mystery animals with soccer balls, but the shield looks a bit plain with just the quasar inside. This is also before the club officially changed from Los Angeles to LA.

I kind of prefer Los Angeles, to be honest, LA is a nickname and even if everyone uses the nickname the full name should still be present somewhere.

So what do you think of this mystery prototype?