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LA Galaxy's mystery Brazilian trailists revealed

The Galaxy have two young Brazilian players on trail with the club this preseason. Matheus Ferreira played with the club during today's preseason match, and Marcus Vinicius is also training with the team.


Bruce Arena has confirmed to LA Galaxy Insider the names of the two trailists who have been training with the LA Galaxy. 19 year old Brazilian centerback Matheus Ferreira de Sousa played 45 minutes for the LA Galaxy this afternoon, and 21 year old Brazilian midfielder Marcus Vinicius has been training with the club as well.

Adam Serrano tweeted that Ferreira is without a club at the moment, while Scott French tweeted:

So the status of the two players is still in a bit of doubt. Matheus Ferreira was with Red Bull Brasil last year, the team competes in the second tier of Brasilian football.

Transfer Market does not list Ferreira as currently on the squad, though I could not find him in their database at all (link). This may be Marcus Vinicius, though take that with a grain of salt (link).

Adam's report (link) contains a quote from Leonardo, one of three Brazilian players currently on the Galaxy.

"It's easy to play with him because he's Brazilian where there is a different style," said Leonardo." He's played good. He's only had two or three days to adapt himself to [the U.S.] and he's done okay."

On March 21st of last year, there were 17 Brazilian players in MLS (MLS puts out a new list every new season). The only foreign country contributing more players to MLS was Columbia. Hopefully MLS' pipeline to Brazil continues to grow.