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Jose Villarreal sends cryptic tweet of mysterious mystery

Jose Villarreal tweeted that he has a new opportunity to prove himself. Is it a loan deal? Or something far more mysterious?

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Galaxy passed in today's second round of the MLS Re-Entry Draft, which isn't surprising given their late pick in the draft. Still the Galaxy haven't made an acquisition since news came out of their Baggio Husidic signing before MLS Cup.

This has led to a bit of unrest, especially as rumors swirl about players leaving. Landon Donovan shot down the rumors of his going on loan this offseason, but it appears Jose Villarreal is off on some adventure. He sent out a tweet that was quickly deleted, but was preserved by LA Galaxy Insider Adam Serrano.

Who knows what this means, but clearly something is going on. A loan deal could be good for Villarreal who is still developing into the striker he will eventually be. There's also the chance someone was messing on his phone and then Villarreal deleted the tweet. Who knows.