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US World Cup Away Qualifiers to be Broadcast on beIN Sport Network


Today beIN Sport announced they are picking up the broadcast rights to the away matches for the United States men's national soccer team in the qualifying rounds on the 2014 World Cup. This means US vs. Jamaica in Kingston on Sept. 7th and US v. Antigua and Barbuda from North Sound on Oct. 12 will both be broadcast on the new sports channel.

"By securing these exclusive TV rights, beIN SPORT again shows why it’s the place for U.S. fans to be in the best soccer action in the world," said Yousef Al Obaidly, managing director of beIN SPORT. "Fans can now cheer on the U.S. men’s team as they compete on the world stage, and they can see it only on beIN SPORT."

This makes beIN Sport the channel to see away US World Cup qualifiers and every other WCQ except for Mexico's. They also have the exclusive rights to La Liga, Serie A, Ligue Un, South American WCQ, and Copa America 2015 making Gol TV completely obsolete.

beIN Sport has also been a huge thorn in the side of Fox Soccer, who still have English Premier League rights but along with Serie A, Ligue Un, and select La Liga matches, Fox Soccer lost the Championship and League Cup. Fox Soccer still has the FA Cup.

Fox Soccer has two CONCACAF Champions League matches they're broadcasting tonight as part of their Kickoff Week. They will also broadcast the LA Galaxy's match tomorrow against Isidro Metapan.

beIN Sports pickup of the away qualifiers is huge, since they were previously on a PPV option. However, the channel is currently only available on DirecTV and DISH. On DirecTV the channel is part of the special Sport Package. They are supposed to be in negotiations with cable providers.