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Mike Magee Has Biggest Impact on Low Scoring Match

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With Landon Donovan and David Beckham unavailable, and the Columbus Crew second to last in goals scored this year, many fans predicted a low scoring match in Columbus last night. That's just what happened, and our Match Impact Rating calculator tells us that Mike Magee had the biggest impact on last night's proceedings.

Robbie Keane scored the Galaxy's lone goal, inside the goal area in the 64' with his right foot. Sean Franklin dribbled around his defender and sent in the cross for a match impact rating of 40. Keane finished just behind him at 39.08. Keane had a second shot on target in the 5' off a throw in that was saved. He got behind the defense to the touchline, nutmegged a defender but Gruenebaum was able to get a hand to it.

Mike Magee finished with an MIR of 46.18, largely because of four fouls earned, one in the offensive area. He had one shot, but the attempt was blocked. He also called for a penalty in the box in the first half, but replays show it was likely more acting and less contact.

Hector Jimenez finished at 28.77, mostly for two fouls won. Juninho finished with an MIR of 0.

So to sum up, Keane and Franklin combined for a goal, and Mike Magee worked hard to be the hidden hero of the match. Good on him.

Match Impact Rating is calculated and given to LAG Confidential by Patrick Johnston.