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Three Star Daily, May 21st: Open Panic Thread

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A serious question about this LA Galaxy team has been asked over at ESPN LA. Scott French wants to know, is it time to panic yet?

GALAXY: Is it time to panic yet? - Soccer Blog - ESPN Los Angeles
CARSON -- David Beckham noted a couple of weeks ago that there was no need for the Galaxy to panic yet, but if things didn't turn soon...

What exactly would panic look like? You could say he was speaking directly to the fans, that the supporters shouldn't panic; but one need only to take a job around the message boards to see that panic has already begun to set in.

Panic typically manifests itself in calling for management to get sacked, for players to be traded. Chivas USA just made some game changing trades last week. While it didn't result in an amazing attacking side right away, it did show promise for a brighter future.

So let this be an open panic thread. Chime in with your suggestions for who should move right now. How do you think the Galaxy should solve the problem of terrible finishing? Should the Galaxy wait until the international market opens again? What would your plan be?