Beckham recruiting Seedorf?


I saw this link posted on the MLS website's Kick Off. Although its in Italian, the article credits sources in the American Press: (my translation) The future of Clarence Seedorf could be with the stars and stripes: according to a report in the American press, David Beckham is trying to convince the Dutch midfielder to join him in Major Soccer League (sic), the American soccer championship. Like many of his teammates, Seedorf's contract expires at the end of June and at the moment the future of the Dutch international is shrouded in mystery. For months now the possibility of Seedorf leaving Italy, mainly for Brazil, has been discussed, but there's also the option of remaing for another year in Milan, with the goal of winning the Champions League, an objective for which the rossoneri are still on course. At the end of the season, the paths of Seedorf and Milan will be made clear, and the Dutch playmaker could be buying a one way ticket for California. obviously the current league structure wouldn't allow another DP to come to LA, but the rules have been known to change, even in midseason, especially where LA is concerned.

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