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Let's sing the songs we love to sing, let's drink and be merry

Soccer and College Sports have a wonderful tradition in common, singing. Well and drinking. The two seem to go hand and hand, the drinking and the singing

Victor Decolongon

Soccer and College Sports have a wonderful tradition in common, singing. Well and drinking. The two seem to go hand and hand, the drinking and the singing. At LA Galaxy games there's a whole lot of singing from the AC Brigade, the Riot Squad, the Galaxians, and just the whole darn crowd at times.

I've never been a member of a supporters group, so I don't really know the words. But from my days at UC Berkeley I do know the Cal Drinking Song. It's a song with a long tradition.

Now those of you who follow me on twitter may have seen over the last few days me and @sounderatheart going back and forth at each other turning pop culture and literary quotes into inspirational messages for our respective clubs. When I thought about how the Cal Drinking Song could apply to the Galaxy, I realized it couldn't be done in 140 characters.

See back in 1906 there was a popular song known as "Didn't He Ramble"; Louis Armstrong recorded a version of it. The chorus goes "Didn't he ramble/he rambled/Rambled all around/in and out of town/Didn't he ramble/didn't he ramble/He rambled 'til the butcher cut him down" It won't let me embed, but do check out this recording on youtube.

As bands do, the Cal band would play that as an interlude during games, and the students gradually put pro-Cal lyrics to it. Now, and if any supporters want to use this feel free, but I can imagine a Galaxy song to that tune. Something like "For the Galaxy/for the Galaxy/we love you til we die/and that is why we cry/For the Galaxy/for the Galaxy/We'll get three points or know the reason why"

Old timey, but it's an old timey song so what are you gonna do. Of course, it's not a drinking song until you bring up the booze. The Cal Drinking Song combines several other drinking songs, including "The Goddamned Dutch". Fitting as Germany and the Low Lands have contributed so much to soccer football culture. That song goes like this:

"Drunk last night/Drunk the night before/Gonna get drunk tonight like I've never been drunk before/Cause when I'm drunk I'm as happy as can be/Cause I am a member of the Souse family/Now the Souse family is the best family/That ever came over from old Germany/There are the Highland Dutch and the Low Land Dutch/and the Rotterdam Dutch/and the God damn Dutch"

If you were in a frat you probably sang a version of that song at some point. It continues:

"Sing-ing glor-i-ous/Glor-i-ous/One keg of beer for the four of us!/Sing-ing glory be to god that there are no more of us/For one of us could drink it all alone! - Damn Quick!"

The Cal Drinking Song also opens with a Navy drinking song. And other verses were added just because it's a fun song to sing and add to.

I haven't really gotten the MLS Supporter's experience, so I shared my college experience. But I know many of you lurking out there could give me a master's course. So what are the songs you like to sing, to cheer on your Galaxy? Or to wash down a pint of beer? Or just because you're happy!

Leave your favorite songs in the comments below, as we continue to cheer in anticipation of Sunday.