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October FIFA International Weekend

All the call-ups, injuries, and breaking news about the October FIFA International Weekend from an LA Galaxy perspective.

This stream has:

United States defeat Guatemala, qualify for Hex

United States defeat Guatemala on strength of Clint Dempsey brace

Christian Wilhelmsson's Sweden Make Huge Comeback

Ireland took care of business against the Faroe Islands 4-1 on the road, Germany failed to secure victory in an international match after going ahead four goals, with Sweden able to come from behind and get the draw.

United States Qualify For Next Round With Victory

The United States will qualify for the next round of 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifying if they don't lose to Guatemala. Simple enough.

This stream has:

United States defeats Antigua and Barbuda

Eddie Johnson heads home two goals to squeak the United States past Antigua and Barbuda on the road.

United States v. Antigua and Barbuda Match Thread

US Soccer has said that Michael Bradley will be a bit ahead of Williams in the midfield, and that Clint Dempsey will be a bit ahead of Herculez Gomez.

Fifty Star Matchday: United States Qualifier

Tonight the United States will take on Antigua and Barbuda, broadcast at 4:00pm PDT on beIN Sport. If you don't have DirecTV or Dish, get yourself to a sports bar

This stream has:

Landon Donovan, Robbie Keane Out

Landon Donovan has returned to Los Angeles and won't compete this weekend. Robbie Keane will sit out the Irish match against Germany, but will return for the match against the Faroe Islands

This stream has:

Donovan Injury Puts World Cup, Galaxy In Jeopardy

Landon Donovan's injury against Real Salt Lake has the hope of two teams suddenly on a tightrope.

This stream has:

LA Galaxy International Call-ups Unveiled

Nineteen year old LA Galaxy forward Jose Villarreal has been named to the United States U-20 roster for the upcoming Marbella Cup to be held in Spain later this month.