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MLS Draft ‘22: LA Galaxy have a handful of picks

Four picks for the five-time champions

Seattle Sounders FC v Los Angeles Galaxy Photo by Michael Janosz/ISI Photos/Getty Images

The 2022 MLS SuperDraft is just less than 48 hours away. On Tuesday, January 11th, the Galaxy will walk into the draft with four selections, and look to add several young talents to the organization.

Galaxy are looking to build on a season that, despite ending in disappointment, was a decent starting point on the road back to MLS Cup standard. After some quality depth additions were made recently — in defender Kelvin Leerdam and midfielder Raheem Edwards — the club look to bring in some potential young stars.

While the draft isn't the place where a team like the LA Galaxy will look for franchise-changing players, it is an opportunity to make some moves, or find young players you can develop into potential stars over time. However the Galaxy want to approach draft day, they will have several picks to work with.

Round 1, Pick 21

In early December LA traded Homegrown forward, Ethan Zubak, to Nashville in exchange for a first-round pick. This is that selection. First-round picks are never a bad thing, and as the day goes on, there is a higher chance the team can parlay this selection into a move for some decent depth, or better, that can impact the game immediately. At worst, it gives them their choice at some very talented young players, maybe someone for the midfield.

Round 2, Pick 14

With a natural selection in the second-round, Galaxy hold a mid-round slot at 14. The important thing to remember is that the depth of the talent pool has increased over recent years. While still slim, you have a better chance at finding some decent players available at this spot than in years past.

Round 3, Picks 4 / 14

The first pick in this round comes courtesy of the trade they made late in 2021, when they sent Daniel Steres to the Houston Dynamo. Their natural selection is the 14th pick this round. In all honesty, given how the Galaxy have typically drafted in the pass, there is a high likelihood the team go ahead and pass both of these selections. There is always a chance at a move being made, but don't be shocked if LA only make two selections for the afternoon.

The ‘big name’ signings are always nice, and the draft may not be where most soccer clubs build from, it should still be taken seriously. With the right mindset, and decent scouting, you can find more than a few surprises. Will the Galaxy do just that this Tuesday?

What are your thoughts on the draft? Leave a comment below!