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Robert Lewandowski picks LA Galaxy over LAFC

(In an abstract way, maybe).

Poland v Andorra - FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Qualifier Photo by ADAM NURKIEWICZ/Getty Images

Robert Lewandowski is probably the best forward in Europe this season, although he’s currently out injured for Bayern Munich. But with the Polish marksman sidelined, he did an interview with CBS Sports this week on their UEFA Champions League coverage, and he was asked, in the course of a rapid-fire round of random questions, which Los Angeles MLS team he prefers.

You have probably gathered by now that he picked the LA Galaxy over LAFC.

I have to say, the rapid-fire went downhill from there, but anyway, quite possibly the world’s best forward picked the Galaxy over the neighbors.

I’m sure there’s no reason to read anything into it at all, perhaps he just prefers the aesthetics...

Hahahahaha, who am I kidding, please set your transfer watches appropriately. In the past, Lewandowski has said he wants to play in MLS, then walked that back, so we’ll see if he does ever play stateside. But if he does, perhaps he’ll become a G, right?

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