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Check out the latest must-buy LA Galaxy tee

The subtle art of trolling your opponents is just art. Trying too hard to jab your rivals is a crime. A crime of comedy.

I mean, have you seen the guys with the “FCK CRSN” shirts? (Don’t forget about the camo stunt that we are contractually obliged to make fun of until the end of time)

Thankfully Jamie Pham and the gang at OneTwoThreads have managed to craft a t-shirt that had us chuckling for a solid minute, with a message that will most definitely resonate with LA Galaxy fans. “Loyalty over trends” is printed over the left chest with a quasar on top, while the back features a brilliant design of a goat dragging along a bandwagon of rowdy supporters. Can confirm: They went there.

You can buy the shirt by clicking the link below.

Don’t hop on the bandwagon. Our newest shirt is available now (link: #LAGalaxy