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Conflicting reports emerge regarding the Cristian Pavón transfer

Have negotiations hit a snag?

Boca Juniors v Banfield - Superliga 2018/19 Photo by Marcelo Endelli/Getty Images

After general manager Dennis te Kloese traveled to Tijuana to scout Cristian Pavon and chat with club officials, the general assumption was progress had been made despite several major hurdles preventing Boca and the LA Galaxy from moving forward. Mostly, the organization must find a creative solution to add a fourth Designated Player onto the roster)

As early as last night a prominent Boca personality reiterated Pavon will eventually end up in Los Angeles, stating the president wasn’t happy with the deal but the club would reluctantly accept the offer. Fast forward to this morning and TYC Sports are claiming the deal is not only dead, but Guillermo Barros Schelotto is already scouting replacements.

If you’ve observed the adventures of other MLS teams in the South American transfer market the past few years, you would know this is more or less common practice. Boca want to receive every dime they feel they are entitled to for an asset, and Dennis te Kloese is a skilled negotiator. (It should be noted the deal has been reported dead several times)

The odds are negotiations are still ongoing, but this might not be wrapped up anytime soon. In the meantime, be patient.