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Mike Magee credits USWNT with inspiring his daughter, goes viral

All in a day’s work

Los Angeles Galaxy Unveil David Beckham Statue Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images

The morning after the U.S. Women’s National Team took home their fourth World Cup trophy, Mike Magee couldn’t help but notice an observation about his daughter and decided to tweet about it.

“I’ve tried every trick in the book to get my daughter to play soccer” the former LA Galaxy attacker wrote. “Never pushed her but she simply didn’t want to play. She’s out kicking a ball against the wall by herself. Not because of me. Because of you @USWNT. Thank you.”

We can relate, and apparently so did a lot of others. Once Mia Hamm hit the RT button, this thing blew up big time. Even CNN got in on the act.

Soon afterwards Mike posted a more detailed message clarifying his thoughts that was equal parts heartwarming and inspirational.

I’d get emotional too if I witnessed my daughter’s love for the game blossom in front of my very eyes. Way to go Mike, and way to go reigning World Cup Champions for inspiring another generation of girls.