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The new LA Galaxy supporters’ section: First impressions

Pretty, pretty, pretty good.

Last week the LA Galaxy organization finally announced what die-hard fans have long been clamoring for: The construction of a safe standing supporter’s section on the North End of Dignity Health Sports Park, set to open for the 2020 MLS season. Spanning across the four central sections of the bleachers, the new steel-encrusted terrace will be flanked on both sides by newly built bars.

With $350 million Banc of California Stadium featuring a state-of-the-art supporters’ section that’s wooed everyone who has come across it, the Galaxy had to join the small circle of MLS teams with safe standing. It’s not the last big change the organization needs to make, but it was on the list.

After sitting on the news for a few days, we thought we’d give our first impressions.

LA Galaxy

To get it out the way, the new terrace shouldn’t be judged by what it isn’t. Building a supporters’ section with an established seating bowl is a tricky endeavor with its own limitations. It would be too costly to build an aesthetically pleasing roof to keep in the noise and provide shade. A steeper grade of seating would also be great, but unfortunately there’s no feasible way to do it without compromising the bowl.

Once you accept these mild setbacks, it’s a beautiful upgrade certain to create a more robust atmosphere on game days. The return of the berm is a sight for sore eyes, and the new gray seating with different patterns of blues and the quasar adds color to the cathedral of American soccer.

The one thing that’s missing? With a noticeable gap between the stands and the goal, it wouldn’t be difficult to create a few more rows in sections 120-121 to place the fans that much closer to the action. The view might not be ideal, but as we’ve seen with other clubs that doesn’t appear to be a problem.

What do you think of the new stand?