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Cali Clasico Player Ratings

The Galaxy looked creatively stagnant and defensively porous once again.

MLS: San Jose Earthquakes at LA Galaxy Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The first Cali Clasico was something to forget as the Galaxy lost lethargically, though to be fair LA missed several key players. Lethargic was not how the Galaxy started this game, with the team taking cues from the internationals that came back in good form. However, after a quick 15 minutes, San Jose wrestled control back, earning possession, a series of corners and by far the better run of play.

The Galaxy were very lucky not to be down a few goals going into halftime. The second half finally saw the San Jose goals that were coming as the wheels fell off the LA bus. LA goals were hard to come by with limited play in the final third. Without David Bingham having a solid night, this game would have been very lopsided. As it was, the scoreline ended the same as the first Clasico, and frankly - the Galaxy should be embarrassed by their performances across the two games.

You’re Welcome (aka, Excellent)

  • LOL

Happy Lion (aka, Good)

  • David Bingham – saved a streaking shot from Wondolowski, and saved two long range shots minutes later. Quickly deflected what would have been an own goal in the 34th minute, and had a kick save in the 58th minute. Another couple of saves versus Hoesen later in the match. Without Bingham this game would have been very, very ugly - he recorded 13 saves. Man of the match.

Sleeping Lion (aka, Okay)

  • Jonathan Dos Santos – picked up right where the Gold Cup left off. Had the assist to Feltscher. Stood off Vako for his goal, but to be fair, the finish was pretty good. Covered his usual ground.

The Lion Roars (aka, Poor)

  • Favio Alvarez – jogged behind as Vako kicked his goal, mid-field pressure would have been nice. His creative presence from previous weeks appeared to go missing. He had two passes in the final third - both of them back passes.
  • Joe Corona – earned a yellow card for a late tackle. Poor shot after getting wide open in the 70th minute. Ball watched on San Jose’s third goal. Lots of movement in the center of the pitch, but between him and Favio, no one was in the final third.
  • Daniel Steres – along with Gonzalez, beat by passes through the middle.
  • Giancarlo Gonzalez – Earned a yellow card. In the second half beat by passes through the middle - he and Steres looked slow.
  • Jorgen Skjelvik – decent cross in to Zlatan in the 9th minute. Earned a yellow card after being beat down the left.
  • Rolf Feltscher – lovely finish in the second minute for LA’s first goal. Hit the crossbar off another corner twenty minutes later. Beat on San Jose’s second goal. Wrong decision in the 66th minute to pass to Cuello after he was WIDE open in the box (deservedly got the Zlatan death glare). Ball watched on San Jose’s third goal.
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic – not much to do as creativity didn’t appear for the Galaxy. His passing game was off as well, a sea of missed passes on his map.
  • Efrain Alvarez – not a good game for the youngster, he was a turnover machine and made some poor decisions defensively. Not sure why Schelotto left him on the pitch instead of subbing. His passes into the final third were brutal.
  • Uriel Antuna – should have done better after a mistake from San Jose put him 1v1 with the keeper. 12 successful passes in his 65 minutes on the pitch.
  • Emil Cuello/Ema Boateng – limited touches in their time on the pitch. Were not impact subs (though Ema did have a key pass).