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The new LA Galaxy hype video is everything

LA Galaxy

LAFC sure like talking up the atmosphere at their fancy new digs. Last week I read no less a half a dozen tweets, article titles and other assorted tomfoolery from folks declaring a decent atmosphere for a preseason friendly a triumph of the human spirit.

nice use of tattoos to show how hip and eclectic your fans are

Trumped up accomplishments like the above are understandable for a club attempting to create a footprint in a city already home to the most successful team in league history. (Though ironically, Los Angeles Football Club shies away from celebrating their history every chance they get)

Well, the original Los Angeles Football Club decided to plant a flag of their own reminding Angelenos who’s been running soccer in this city the past 20 years. As the late Anthony Bourdain reminded us, LA is not defined by real estate or a fancy address but the people and the culture that define this beautiful city. Los Angeles is a sports town, and championships are everything.

This is what history looks like.