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LA Galaxy vs. Earthquakes Player Ratings

1 point earned or two points gifted? Seems like the latter.

MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy at San Jose Earthquakes Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Earning a point on the road is welcome, but this game had the frustrating feeling of two points gifted away after late LA errors in the second half let the Earthquakes back into the game. In addition, the Galaxy’s passing game - which might be as a result of the amount of new players on the pitch - was worse than usual at a paltry 65%. The defense in particular culprits with lots of boot ball to nowhere, but the midfielders didn’t have good games in this area either. Overall, a stop and start match that felt like it could have been better, even with the injuries the Galaxy faced.

While the offense is generating chances, and the Galaxy still are tinkering with formation changes (started with three in the back, but then abandoned), the defense still is vulnerable, and this is where reinforcements can’t come soon enough. Scouting reports show Schmid focusing on the backline, and that’s indeed where the Galaxy need shoring up.

That said, Ibrahimovic and Alessandrini had some moments of magic in this one, and the Galaxy live to see another day. Three points at home, one on the road is the name of the game.

Player Ratings


  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic - Scored in the first minute of the game. GREAT pass to Alessandrini in the 12th minute, but Alessandrini shanked it. Earned a foul then scored a brace with a skidding free kick in the 25th minute - the Quakes keeper should have done better, but Zlatan will take it. Tested the keeper on yet another freekick to start the second half. Also was seen defending!


  • Romain Alessandrini - shanked the ball off his right foot after a stellar pass from Zlatan. Earned a foul in the 18 and then paid it off with a fantastic free kick goal for LA’s second goal. Earned a yellow card for persistent infringement after the referee spoke to him multiple times (he’s passionate, our Frenchman). Lots of missed passes for Romain as well, but he connected for a goal, so that gets him a higher rating.
  • David Bingham - saved Wondo’s PK, but gave up the rebound (though he almost saved the second shot as well). Decent save on Ericsson after an errant Jorgen defensive header. Couldn’t do much about the goals. Not sure what that bizarre talking to from Wondo was about, or if it was deserved.


  • Dave Romney - important header on a ball that looked destined for the left hand side of the Galaxy goal in the 34th minute. Right place right time in 55th minute for a small bounce off him in the six to Bingham. Couldn’t connect a pass to save his life though, his passing chart is cringe worthy.
  • Chris Pontius - provided the assist to Ibrahimovic. Continued to be an industrious worker.
  • Baggio Husidic - late sub.
  • Sheanon Williams - late sub.


  • Joao Pedro - important interception to start the game after a weaving run from an Earthquakes player. Didn’t stay with Vako on his scoring run for the Quakes. Often behind the play and didn’t have enough of a presence in midfield according to his passing map.
  • Michael Ciani - didn’t step up to Vako to prevent the Quakes’ second goal. Then turns around with a stellar defensive slide to prevent the Quakes’ third goal. However, gave away a penalty after Hoesen turned him. Poor game after a slew of decent ones.
  • Jorgen Skjelvik - passed through for nearly the Quakes’ third goal. Passing chart is bootball-r-us. Terrible header straight to Eriksson forcing Bingham into a save. He’s had a bunch of poor games in a row and doesn’t look like the highest paid defender in the league even with the amount of defensive actions he’s got.
  • Ashley Cole - utterly BRILLIANT ball to BJIV in the 86th minute that should have been converted. Got burned down the left a few times, including at the end of the game setting up Wondo’s post rattling shot. Not the best passing game for him this time around.
  • Bradford Jamieson IV - gave up a penalty with a drifting foot in the 14th minute. Learning experience for him on how not to defend. Earned a yellow card in the 78th minute for a tug on a jersey. Missed a beautiful cross from Cole towards the end of the game. Not the best game for the youngster and hopefully will watch lots of tape. He’s got upside. But yesterday? Woof.
  • Perry Kitchen - late to cover Wondo at the end of the game, and often late from midfield trailing behind the play. I’ve given up.

Man of the Match = Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He’s performing for the team, and doing the dirty work on the defensive end. Can’t ask for more.