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Three questions with Dynamo Theory

How’s AJ doing?

MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy at Houston Dynamo Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to Derek Showers at Dynamo Theory for the time.

LAG Confidential: How’s AJ doin’? (Longtime LA Galaxy defender AJ DeLaGarza suffered a ACL tear shortly before the Dynamo’s regular season ended)

Dynamo Theory: We love AJ here and we miss his defending on a weekly basis. Apart from being an incredibly valuable defender, he’s a great person and has a great sense of humor on social media. He has been rehabbing well and should be on track to return this summer.

LAG Confidential: Last year we called Houston the Atlanta United of the West. Why has the team been unable to replicate that form in 2018?

Dynamo Theory: Our defense with everyone healthy is not an elite defense, but a serviceable one. Everyone has not been healthy as we’ve been hit by a lot of injuries and not having AJ has also hurt for awhile as our right back spot has been exploited often (though Andrew Wenger has held his own in the role recently). The real issue is despite having the third best offense in the West in terms of goals finished, we’ve missed some easy chances so the offense hasn’t supported the depleted defense by creating a cushion. They’ve missed 1v1s with the keeper and plenty of shots near the 6 yard box. If you’re a Dynamo fan, it isn’t time to panic because the fact that they’re creating quality chances is a good thing. Just be a little concerned that the shots aren’t going in.

LAG Confidential: What’s it like having a NWSL team to support? LAG Confidential is insanely jelly!

Dynamo Theory: Having the Houston Dash has been incredible, but also a bit of a roller coaster ride. The players are great (on and off the field), but the front office doesn’t help the team as much as they could. Apart from the general pay differences between MLS and NWSL (which is itself a different conversation), we’ve seen big time players relatively unhappy with the organization which led to one of the trades we made over the offseason not see itself come out with Christen Press declining to come to the Dash after being traded here. This season hasn’t gotten off to a great start, but we still love this team. Many have been critical of the organization, but we also know that it’s important to remain in support of the team so that it doesn’t fold.