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Check out KROQ’s interview with Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Possibly the best interview yet


Like most Angelenos my age I grew up listening to Kevin and Bean, the morning talk show duo on the world famous KROQ radio station. Luckily for us, Kevin managed to get a sit-down with Ibra that aired earlier this morning.

It’s a fantastic interview. Unlike many of the Johnny Come Latelys who have jumped on the Zlatan bandwagon, the KROQ family have supported the Galaxy for some time. Kevin himself is a passionate Galaxy supporter, and his enthusiasm shines throughout the segment. Compared to some of the stiffer personalities, its nice to see Kevin bemoan Ibra over silly banter, telling him at one point “You can’t keep a job dude!”.

It’s a typical, laid-back California interview. However, there’s a reason Kevin’s been on the air so long...the dude’s a pro, and he does manage to deliver a fun interview that’s definitely worth checking out. Give it a look and have a laugh.