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Watch: Zlatan Ibrahimovic talks with Dan Patrick

Ibra’s at it again

Sporting Kansas City v Los Angeles Galaxy Photo by Katharine Lotze/Getty Images

Jesus this guy is busy.

It was just a few days ago when Zlatan Ibrahimovic charmed LA Galaxy fans on late night television with Jimmy Kimmel Live, and this morning the Swedish superstar got on the phone with radio personality Dan Patrick to talk all things Zlatan.

If you haven’t picked up on this already, Ibra’s a sharp dude. It’s no small feat dancing with some of America’s biggest media personalities and yet Zlatan makes it look effortless, entertaining at will with his quick wit and a seemingly endless supply of one-liners.

All superlatives aside, it’s another fantastic interview. Give it a listen or three. Hurry, before we reveal some spoilers. (Hint: Zlatan is not for sale)

L.A. Galaxy forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Dan Patrick discuss all things Zlatan Ibrahimovic including his popularity in Sweden and L.A., if he’ll play in the World Cup, his unique solution to fix USA Soccer, and much more!