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Check out the MLS logos from Bands FC

“Bands as football clubs. Football clubs as bands.”

Bands FC

American music in 2018 is sadly, on the decline.

You can always find plenty of delicious local tunes (This is LA after all), but the stuff on the radio is usually garbage. If Drake sanitizing rap wasn’t bad enough, rock bands are in danger of going extinct and being replaced with faux tribute acts, from the mildly offensive The Lumineers to the shameless Led Zeppelin ripoff artists known as Greta Van Fleet. (Nice costumes guys!)

Thankfully, a pair of Mancs have done the fledging genre right, creating a fun project that takes us down a nostalgia-filled lane of rock n’ roll while satisfying our soccer cravings.

“Bands as football clubs. Football clubs as bands”

The premise is simple. Redesign a football crest with a band name. With the help of collaborators, founders Nick Fraser Mark Liptrott and have managed to design 500 logos, raising just shy of $60,000 for charity in the process. Currently the collection is on exhibit at the Manchester National Football Museum.

Thankfully, they do MLS logos. The LA Galaxy snagged 80’s British indie rockers The LA’s.

Also! The gents at Bands FC were kind enough to send LAG Confidential some giveaway items, so be on the lookout for those when they arrive.

Check out the website here and buy something.