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Searching for the perfect LA Galaxy kit sponsor

We’ve got some ideas

Los Angeles Exteriors And Landmarks - 2016 Photo by FG/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Herbalife is awful, and you and I both know it.

Sure, the nutritional supply chain ponies up the big bucks to plaster their logo on the Galaxy jersey ($4.4 mil a year to be exact), but there’s a price to pay for having the Herbalife name plastered around the StubHub Center. Mostly embarrassment.

After all, this is a company that was recently ordered by the Federal Trade Commission to pay 200 million dollars for screwing over their own distributors. The legendary Dan Loney won’t touch a Galaxy jersey until there’s a change. The only people it seems who enjoy the logo are dudebros who vape and say things like “One love” at parties.

Suffice to say, LA are locked into the deal until 2022, giving the club plenty of time to ponder a successor. Here at LAGConfidential, we had a few ideas of our own.

In N’ Out

Lately its been dissected to death (So what if the cocoa isn’t that great), but the California burger chain is undoubtedly world-famous for its juicy burgers. It’s also famous for turning footballing legends into affable stoners.

Imagine one of these posted inside every In N’ Out
Daily Mail

Five words: StubHub Center exclusive menu items.


Everything about the electric automobile behemoth screams wave of the future, which is exactly what you want in a kit sponsor. There’s also a fighting chance AEG would allow Elon Musk to use the StubHub Center as a guinea pig for state-of-the-art stadium energy efficiency technology, under the condition he build a new stadium for the Galaxy in 20 years complete with local Hyperloop transit. And who wouldn’t enjoy the visual of a Model 3 hanging out by the corner flag?


Everyone loves Sriracha. Millennials love Sriracha. It goes on everything. The logo is cool. Proudly made in Irwindale. A fine local kit sponsor.

Runner ups: Taco Bell, Guitar Center

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