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LA Galaxy vs. Earthquakes Player Ratings

No order in the midfield, or the backline, leads to 90 minutes of pressure and ultimately a road loss (!) for the LA Galaxy.

MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy at San Jose Earthquakes Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Another Cali Classico, and a late win for the Earthquakes goes in the books. This one was coming all night long as the Galaxy suffered through wave after wave of Earthquakes attacks and succumbed right when it seemed like they would steal a point.

The pressure was due to a midfield that was not good at controlling the ball, and an overall XI that was shapeless and undisciplined when it came to defensive movement. Some of this was due to the unfortunate LA injury list forcing players out of position (Garcia) and new players into the line up (Arellano). But it ultimately resulted in a loss that sinks LA further in the standings.

The whole team played poorly as a unit, which results in the ratings being distinctly lopsided.

Player Ratings


  • Clement Diop - nothing he could do on either goal, and did have a nice clearance with his head (while belly flopping!) in the 60th minute.
  • Jose Villarreal - nice freekick into the box to Van Damme for first goal. Solid cross into the box finding no one in the 34th minute. Was one of the few (along with Boateng) that was trying to be creative, but his passing wasn’t quite up to snuff.
  • Dave Romney - no major errors compared to his compatriots.


  • Rafael Garcia - nice recovery on Wondolowski early in the game, but struggled against Hyka down the right all game long. To be fair, he’s not a right back.
  • Jack McBean - earned the freekick that resulted in the first goal. Hold up play was miserable, and he flubbed a solid counter opportunity with Bradford Jamieson in minute 60. For whatever reason, couldn’t pass down the right to save his life, he has a sea of missed passes down that side.
  • Hugo Arellano - lost Wondo on a cornerkick but Diop bailed him out. Spent the entire game drifting towards the middle which meant that he vacated his post out left, or Jelle Van Damme had to cover two spots. Not a good game from the youngster.
  • Joao Pedro - turnover machine. Passed by centrally as San Jose abused LA’s fullbacks.
  • Bradford Jamieson IV - he played? 16 touches over 90 minutes - ouch. Muffed a promising counter with McBean in minute 60. Tried to dribble out of trouble only to dribble into walls.
  • Emmanuel Boateng - burned San Jose over the first half, but his final ball was lacking.
  • Jaime Villarreal - part of a central midfield that was bypassed, but also had problems holding the ball when he did have it.
  • Jelle Van Damme - great finish on his first LA Galaxy goal, and some emergency defending with him playing two jobs - leftback and centerback with Arellano out to lunch. That said, the reason why he’s still in the poor category is because he once again was caught upfield too many times (including on Wondo’s goal) and managed to earn two yellow cards - one for dissent, and one post-game for an altercation. With the Galaxy already shorthanded this was the definition of dumb.


  • Ariel Lassiter - wrong ball at the very end of the game on a promising counter where just like his compatriots he tries to go through the wall rather than passing around it.
  • Raul Mendiola - has a key pass in his few minutes, but also several missed passes.