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LA Galaxy vs. Fire Player Ratings

After a dumpster fire of a first half, the Galaxy turn it around and earn a point at home.

MLS: Chicago Fire at Los Angeles Galaxy Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Galaxy shouldn’t be given a pass on this game. Neither should their manager Curt Onalfo. The starting lineup was wrong from the start (if the slow midfield doesn’t succeed; try, try again), Onalfo made a sub early in the first half, and a Jermaine Jones injury ended up leading to a formation that actually worked. In other words, the Galaxy were bailed out (also by Chicago hitting the cross bar near the end of the game).

No bones about it, the LA Galaxy are currently a dumpster fire of epic proportions. This pretty much sums it up:

Curt Onalfo doesn’t appear to have a clue, the players are trying to get a clue (see first half), the formation doesn’t suit the players (see Jermaine Jones), and it leads to wins seeming like a mirage in the rolling sand dunes of the desert.

That said, the players had pride and it was good to see them come back from a deficit and have a decent second half. Of course, it was aided by the Fire going lackadaisical, but a point is a point.

Player ratings for what in the past would have been a home win:


  • Romain Alessandrini - Provided 2 assists off of set pieces leading to both LA goals. Tried hard and pushed the Galaxy forward in the second half. That said, he has got to stop diving upon slight contact. His yellow card from Kevin Stott was not a surprise. Welcome to the league!


  • Giovani Dos Santos - scores goal #2 with a toe poke and did have some seeing eye passes, particularly on the counter. He’s still having to drop too deep to pick up the ball - most of his passes operate around the center circle.
  • Joao Pedro - much better when Jones isn’t on the pitch. He and Husidic faded into the background and seemed to work well together.
  • Baggio Husidic - did the dirty work. 4 unsuccessful passes, that’s it.
  • Ashley Cole - not much good or bad, wasn’t very involved in the offense. Part of the holey backline in the first half.
  • David Romney - nice header towards Gio for goal #2. Did the job after being a random first half insertion.
  • Daniel Steres - Better than his partner in crime to his left, and did score the second goal.
  • Emmanuel Boateng - should be starting. Please Curt. PLEASE.


  • Gyasi Zardes - Rough night. Showed his rust all night long and should have done better with a through ball towards the end of the game. Touch let him down.
  • Jermaine Jones - the game changed when he came off the pitch. The midfield is damaged when he plays in it.
  • Jelle Van Damme - during the first half, part of the turnover that gave Chicago the ball for the first goal, and gave up the penalty kick. Beat for the second goal. He was apparently not subbed due to injury, and that says a lot to be taken out in the first half. Let’s see where this goes for the captain.
  • Bradley Diallo - better in the offense than Cole, but still suspect at RB as he’s learning the league. Lucky he didn’t give up a dangerous foul right outside the penalty box, had a tackle lost in a dangerous area as well.
  • Brian Rowe - nervous spillage in minute 37 almost gifting Chicago a goal. Decent save later on a squared ball, but didn’t look comfortable.


  • Jack McBean - not rated, late entry. Though getting slammed to the pitch by Bastian Schweinsteiger is a highlight.

From here the Galaxy go on an extended road trip. By the time they return to the Stub Hub Center the playoffs might be looking like a stretch.