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The Cobi Jones plaque is almost as bad as the Ronaldo bust

How do these things happen?

Ceremony at Madeira Airport to rename it Cristiano Ronaldo Airport Photo by Octavio Passos/Getty Images

Everybody loves Cobi Jones. In addition to being a genuinely decent person, the former winger and current broadcast analyst is an undisputed Galaxy legend.

The first player allocated to the team in club history, the UCLA product was part of an elite class of Americans playing overseas who returned home to help boost the launch of Major League Soccer. And boost he did, delivering LA’s first-ever MLS Cup in 2002, the double in 2005 and a CONCACAF Champions Cup, bagging 70 goals and 91 assists along the way in over 300 appearances.

Jones’ name is permanently displayed inside the StubHub Center, and with good reason. Before there was Kobe, there was Cobi.

However, located on the south side of the stadium is a lesser known celebration of the iconic player’s career: A commemorative plague.

And good god man. That’s not Cobi.

Nice to meet you too, generic black dude with dreadlocks.

If Cobi’s name wasn’t on the plaque, you would have no idea who that is. Milli Vanilla? The drummer from Yellowcard? Ugo Ihemelu?

In contrast to the sleek renovations around the stadium, this outdated monument from a previous era stick outs like a sore thumb. Maybe one of these days it can be replaced with something more adequate. Cobi deserves better.