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LA Galaxy vs. Union Player Ratings

Another frustrating night for Galaxy players as the 2017 season continues to roll forward with a whimper.

MLS: Philadelphia Union at Los Angeles Galaxy Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Curt,

I know you’re not a tactical genius. But why, oh why, do you remove Emmanuel Boateng first in every game? Are you mad that he didn’t shake your hand? Does he look tired? It can’t be because he’s the biggest threat on the field... While we’re at it, can you tell me where Giovani Dos Santos has gone? Because he’s pretty much invisible on the pitch. Thankfully you have Alessandrini and Boateng (for 70 minutes) to make the Galaxy remotely watchable right now, but they can only do so much. Why do you wait until the last 4 minutes of the game for an offensive sub? I guess I should be thankful Dave Romney didn’t trot onto the pitch.

The boos that rained down on you are indicating an ugly restlessness among the LA Galaxy fanbase right now. We’re not happy, and you sure know it.


That’s the letter I’d like to write to Curt Onalfo. The post game quotes about luck are infuriating after watching the same foibles plague the LA Galaxy as in previous weeks. Dos Santos still can’t find the game. Onalfo inserted an extra midfielder this week, and it plugged up the defense, but that was against a cellar dwelling Philadelphia Union. Boateng is inexplicably subbed early, and replaced by none other than Jack McInerney who might as well have been on an island. Huh?

One day we’ll be able to use the excellent category again. The ratings:


Emmanuel Boateng: Dangerous the entire time he played. Found himself open several times, and the Union had a hard time dealing with his speed. Just couldn’t find the right final ball. Two key passes and the Galaxy’s biggest threat.

Romain Alessandrini: His backheel pass to Diallo was a thing of beauty. He’s feeling it, and he worked tirelessly tonight, but just couldn’t get the right finish. That said, he still looks bright and like he has several good weeks to come.

Bradley Diallo: Very nice debut for the fullback. Held his own physically much better than Nathan Smith, and got forward as the game wore on and his confidence grew. Had a couple of very nice squared balls into the box, and was in a nice position in the dying minutes. Did earn a yellow card, but looked like he was falling over in the process. 16 defensive actions, the most of the night.

Brian Rowe: Decent couple of saves, no adventures in goalkeeping.


Baggio Husidic: Had 2 missed passes all night. Did his job and clogged the middle.

Joao Pedro: It’s a victory when we get to move him from the “poor” section. His movement finally passable, Husidic’s solid presence gave Pedro comfort to be able to move and understand where his partner was going. He popped up with some nice blocks and seemed to be better clued in. Also was robbed of his first MLS goal after his shot hit not one, but both posts instead of going in.

Steres/Van Damme/Cole: No major failures while Diallo was tested.


Jermaine Jones: Oh the sea of red that is his passing game. He tried...but tonight was not his night. Missed a wide open header, had a bad finish wide right, and showed his frustration when he kicked the goalpost. Me too too.

Giovani Dos Santos: That #10 is weighs awfully heavy on his back right now. He’s invisible.