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A guide to all 22 MLS stadiums for 2017

It’s tough to pick a favorite, but we can all agree the Revs have the worst.

Orlando City

In anticipation of the 2017 season (Which at this point we’re all dying to begin, let’s just get started already), the league has created a neat map of all 22 MLS stadiums spanning North America.

It can be a bit dizzying scrolling down the list, gazing at how many world-class venues have been build in a relatively short period of time. Man this league has come a long way.

-It’s tough to pick which team has the best stadium, but we can all agree the New England Revolution have the worst. In fact, soccer personality Rob Stone just went on quite a rant about the organization. (Looks like Rob won’t be invited to eat chocolate-covered pretzels with Mark Walberg inside Bob Kraft’s fancy luxury box anytime soon)

-Orlando City’s stadium is going to rock.

There’s just something uniquely American about a standing-only section with purple cupholders.

-Yankee Stadium might be a pain in the neck for soccer, but I still want to watch a game there.

-The StubHub Center may be old, at least by MLS standards, but the 14-year-old venue has aged gracefully, thanks in part to the renovations.