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Landon Donovan coming out of retirement to re-join LA Galaxy

Is this for real? (Yes)

Jesse Grant/Getty Images

Is this real? Can this really be happening? It appears so.

The internet has basically exploded over the past hour with news that U.S. National Team and LA Galaxy legend Landon Donovan is set to come out of retirement and re-join LA.

This is the tweet that started it all.

Blake Thomsen is a contributor for American Soccer Now, but most fans were looking for someone more reputable to report on the news before fully embracing the rumor.

Then a writer for MLSsoccer chimed in, adding fuel to the fire.

And this is the slam dunk. Kevin Baxter covers the Galaxy for the LA Times and is about as reputable at its gets. But just in case you needed confirmation...

Are you excited? We're excited!