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Player Ratings: LA Galaxy vs. RSL

Two howlers by Brian Rowe cost the LA Galaxy a win and two additional points on the road against RSL.

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Galaxy did a solid job for 93 minutes at Rio Tinto against RSL, but individual errors from Brian Rowe left the team with a frustrating draw.  It's especially frustrating after Giovani Dos Santos' best game in a Galaxy shirt, and overall organized defensive play.  The team was going to close the game out, until Rowe pulled a Robert Green.

It was still great to see the team celebrate the goals the Galaxy scored - it's been awhile since they've looked so happy, and it was a pleasure to see almost the entire team embracing and celebrating as a unit.  After some back to back snooze fests, it was simply great to be entertained for 90 minutes.

Until the gaffs.  The body language at the end of the game wasn't pretty, and it shouldn't have been.  The ball should have been retained better in the last 4 minutes - LA has got to stop the helter skelter play in the dying minutes of games, and Rowe should have made the save.  Now it's time to worry about how Rowe rebounds after an absolute stinker of a game.

Ratings (on a scale of 1-10 with 6 being the starting point):

Rowe - 2 The last RSL goal was bad, but the first goal even worse. Should never happen in the professional game, and was birthed out of sheer laziness.  The only reason he doesn't get a 1 is that he made a couple of other saves, but it was close.  Terrible.

Rogers - 7 He's looked solid since coming back from injury.  He provides an attacking threat that AJ doesn't, and he's using his body and angles much better than before.  His passing tonight was also decent - only 4 missed passes.

Leonardo - 6 Had a couple decent interceptions and step ups, but was definitely the lesser of the two center backs.  Nearly got beat on a corner by RSL, but also didn't commit any costly errors like he sometimes does.

Steres - 7.5 Calm, critical clearances, 12 defensive actions, and bodied off attacking RSL players.  He also had a key pass!  One of his better games.

Cole - 7 Wasn't on the ball much, but defended well.  Not really bothered until the game got stretched at the end.

Husidic - 7 Very nice assist, and very involved in the run of play.  Took points off for ball watching and not defending Plata on RSL's second goal.

Lletget - 7 May seem high, but he had two key passes (he was involved in goal #2).  Needed more from him centrally, but Beckerman managed him pretty well so he got shoved out right.  Needs to look for quicker passes.

Larentowicz - 7 Managed the ball pretty well with only 4 missed passes, and added 11 defensive actions.  He looked like a veteran.

Boateng - 7.5 Caused RSL's defense some problems with his speed, and scored!  Still could make better decisions in the final 18, but at least the passes are closer.  Great run against Olave for the first goal.

Gordon - 7 Did his job.  Fought for balls, earned fouls, and had a key pass on the second goal.  Could have been tidier with the ball, he's got several missed passes.

Dos Santos - 9 A beautiful assist, two goals, and the best defensive performance from him...ever.  Several times where he nicked the ball off an unsuspecting RSL player.  Should have been rewarded with the win.  This is what we want in a DP.

Subs - 5 You're brought on to retain the ball.  That was a fail.  Magee should have done better with his shot in the 93rd minute.

Based on those scores, this should have been a win folks...minus the giant glaring two rating at the top of the page.  Brian Rowe owes the team two points.