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USMNT VS. LA Galaxy: Who is Playing the Most Boring Soccer?

Both the USMNT and the LA Galaxy have been playing incredibly boring soccer as of late. Who has been playing the worst?

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Two weeks ago we asked the hypothetical question: if the USMNT and LA Galaxy played one another, who would win? Since then we've seen both squads perform dismally and leave us wondering if either could beat anyone. Now we're asking, "Between the USMNT and the LA Galaxy, who is currently playing the most boring soccer?"

The Case for the USMNT

The USMNT was embarrassed by Brazil. Though they came back against Peru, Jurgen looked clueless. Unless his lineup choices for the past two friendlies were part of some master plan to trick the Mexican National Team, the USMNT looks woefully unprepared for their October 10th showdown in the Rose Bowl.

The team seems out of attacking ideas. Without Dempsey (and Cuba) they might not have scored in the Gold Cup. Mix must be playing with a broken joystick on his controller as he seems to only be able to pass sideways or backwards, never forwards.

Klinsmann appears to spend more time blaming players for their poor play in unfamiliar positions than in actually figuring out how to set them up for success.

The Case for the LA Galaxy

The Galaxy, on the other hand, haven't been playing much better. They've been shut out twice in a row. The scoreline hasn't been as good as it sounds. For long portions of the games the team has looked unable to string together passes to make any kind of attacking threat.

Just a few weeks ago the Galaxy looked like world beaters. Many analysts were questioning if this team was unstoppable and maybe the best MLS team in history. Now we can't seem to buy a goal.

On the bright side, at least Bruce isn't playing the team out of position and then throwing the players under the bus.

Result = Draw

So, who is currently playing the most boring soccer? At this point a hypothetical matchup would probably end in a scoreless draw...with multiple missed penalties in the shootout.