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Is Steven Gerrard happy in LA?

Is Gerrard happy in LA? In a slew of recent interviews Steven Gerrard reveals, among other things, that he would have stayed at Liverpool FC as a player/coach.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

Steven Gerrard has been sounding somewhat homesick the last few days. In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Gerrard revealed that he misses playing for Liverpool FC everyday:

Yeah, I do miss it (the Premier League). I miss everything about it. When I switch on the TV and see the stadiums, with 50, 60, 70,000 people — the aggression, the intensity, the tension. I am jealous. I miss the build-up, competing with better players, I miss being Steven Gerrard, Liverpool captain and walking out in front of my people with that pressure and trying to get a result for them.
Yes, I felt like s--t some days ... but when you beat one of the top sides, the texts are flying in on your phone and you are on top of the world. I miss that.
I’d like nothing better than being 25 again and with 10 years ahead of me in the Premier League, playing for Liverpool...

He also revealed that he would have stayed at his boyhood club had the "right job" been offered to him. "I might be contradicting myself here but what would have kept me at Liverpool into this season was the chance of shadowing Brendan Rodgers and his staff as well as playing. Those ideas were only mentioned to me after I had announced I was leaving."

I could have been a good squad player, a good sub, as well as getting management experience that money can’t buy.

Being the future manager of Liverpool, it seems, is where Stevie G is destined to be. Bruce Arena seems to think so. Yet, one can't help but wonder if the timing of these comments could have waited until after the end of the MLS season.

The question now becomes: Is Steven Gerrard happy to be a Galaxy player?

Understandably so, some LA Galaxy fans see the comments as a slap in the face from their current midfielder. These feelings become especially strong when considering that Gerrard was sold to the fans as the replacement for club legend Landon Donovan, albeit with certain caveats attached.

Unfortunately Gerrard will never be to LA what Donovan was. He will always be that to Liverpool, and we cannot fault him for that. Nor can we fault him for still publicly supporting all things Liverpool. There is only a handful of players that reach a legendary status at their clubs, the kiss-the-crest kind of players.

LA fans can take some solace in the fact that Gerrard did make some sacrifices to move to LA. He chose lesser pay and a move halfway around the world in order to play for the Galaxy. He also revealed that he turned down offers from Tottenham, PSG, Qatar, Spain, and Turkey.

What are your thoughts on Stevie G's recent comments? Are fans overreacting? Is Gerrard being too honest? leave us your comments below.