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LA Galaxy refuse to take a stance over Giovani Dos Santos tweets

Giovani didn't comment over tweets over former Mexico national team manager Miguel Herrera

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Last Tuesday, the Mexican federation decided to take the step of firing Miguel Herrera from the Mexico national team following an altercation with a journalist at Philadelphia International Airport.

The incident sparked a strong reaction, and Giovani Dos Santos was one national team player that chimed in. Only hours after Herrera's moment of madness, Gio tweeted a message of support for Miguel Herrera and applauded his actions.

Gio tweet

Gio quickly deleted the tweets, but Mexican media didn't pass up the opportunity to take a dig at Gio for the manner of his statement.

During his LA Galaxy presentation on Tuesday, Giovani was asked about the incident once more. Visibly bothered by the question, Gio said, " I am not going to talk about that. This is a very important moment for me, and I wont answer any of those type of questions."

Chris Klein, president of the LA Galaxy, was later asked about the club's stance on Gio's tweet. Klein was unceremonious with his response and said, " We [La Galaxy] don't have a stance. That's with the Mexican federation."

"We all have our own story to tell, and Giovani from the beginning of this process has been nothing but a class character," Klein continued. "I think he understands the demands of our club, and we are quite confident he can meet them."

Klein finished by saying, "I haven't seen his tweet. I didn't see the incident that happened. I can't really comment on something I really don't know much about."