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Talks Between Gio Dos Santos and LA Galaxy are "Very Advanced"

The Mexican midfielder's agent has reportedly spoken out positively over the likelihood of his client's move to Major League Soccer.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

According to reports out of Mexico, Giovani Dos Santos' agent has told the media that the midfielder is currently in "very advanced talks to sign with the LA Galaxy."

Rumors have continued to swirl around both the possibility of Dos Santos coming to MLS and the new roster mechanisms that would need to be in place to facilitate such a move. A conference call between Major League Soccer and its owners is scheduled for today, and is believed to be outlining such a change in rules.

Adding fuel to the rumor mill fire are several comments made by Dos Santos' legal rep, Vicente Montes.

Montes told the media that Gio wants to come to Major League Soccer and is impressed by the growth of the sport.

"He's impressed by the growth of soccer in the USA and he's very attracted to the offer," said Montes, who also stated that Gio signing with MLS is "a strong possibility" and that there are no other current options for the midfielder.

The offer that Dos Santos is attracted to is a salary in the ballpark of $7 million per year, according to reports. Those figures, if accurate, would mean that the contract of Omar Gonzalez would have to be restructured in some way to place him under the "Core Player" DP slot that is expected to be announced soon. Dos Santos would be a full Designated Player.

In fact, a $7 million salary would put Dos Santos up with Kaka and Sebastian Giovinco in terms of the league's highest-paid players, while also signaling positive steps being taken towards shifting the league's focus to bringing over foreign players that are in their prime rather than aging stars.

As the story develops and news becomes more concrete, LAG Confidential will post updates as necessary. Stick around.