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Galaxy Duo are LA's new Double Dragon

What one of the worst movies of the 90's can tell us about this current Galaxy team.

Jose Villarreal and Nacho Maganto have been absolutely lighting it up over the past few games, which means we in the blogosphere have a social responsibility, nay, obligation, to give this deadly duo a nickname. I'm sure everyone will have their ideas, and I'm sure some of them will be pretty good. I'm also sure that all of them will be inferior to what is clearly the correct choice: Double Dragon.

I'm going to be honest. I never played the Double Dragon arcade game. It was slightly before my time. The movie, however, has a special place in my heart.

In retrospect, the movie is complete garbage, but as a 5 year old in the 90's, the martial arts and constant use of lightning effects in tandem with electric guitar solos pretty much checked all my boxes in terms of what constituted good media.

Despite being a terrible movie, Double Dragon's plot is supremely relevant to this LA Galaxy team and the emergence of our dual heroes.

Double Dragon takes place in "New Angeles," the dystopian remains of Los Angeles following a major earthquake.  Sound familiar? Think Landon Donovan's shock retirement and you'll get the picture.

In the wake of a tragedy that completely turned what used to be a vibrant and amazing town into a post apocalyptic hellhole where cybernetic gangs rule the streets as shadow corporations pull the strings from on high, and, perhaps worst, commuting on the 101 is even more of a hassle...

...the people of New Angeles need a savior. From the injury of Robbie Keane to the embarrassment at the hands of Orlando City, the Galaxy too were in similar need before the arrival of our heroes.

In the movie, millennials become extremely socially involved, you know,  as is their wont, and champion societal change.

Two brothers emerge with the means to unite an ancient and powerful medallion which has been split in two. For reasons unknown but probably having something to do with bad ass lightning effects, this medallion has the power to restore order to New Angeles. Aided by, and very much a part of, this youth movement, they manage to do so by movies end before beating up the film's main jerk which presumably saves LA somehow. Our Double Dragons save the day!

Own this narrative, Galaxy fans, because it's our own.

Prior to the return of Jose Villarreal and the emergence of Nacho Maganto, we were essentially living in the bleak world of New Angeles and watching our offense was about as painful as watching Double Dragon. With guys like Bradford Jamieson IV getting minutes, a clear youth movement (equally fond of bleached hair) was beginning to take hold and show promise, but the pieces just weren't falling into place until our heroes arrived.

Enter Jose Villarreal and Nacho Maganto. Enter the Double Dragon!

Ranking second and third in expected assists per 90 on the team respectively, our Double Dragons have been instrumental in the resurgence of our offense by injecting life into the final third.

Jose Villarreal's chance creation map is above and Ignacio Maganto's chance creation map is below.

Individually they are strong, but together, they are unstoppable, for when our Double Dragons combine those medallion pieces, they are able to channel an ancient and LegenDary power.

Ultimately, however, the reign of the Double Dragon may be short lived. As Robbie Keane returns to full health, Arena will likely have to sit one of the Dragons since a Zardes benching is unlikely. Projecting further, who knows what this midfield will look like when Steven Gerrard arrives. But I try not to think about this too much. For now, I'm content to sit back and enjoy the kung-fu and lightning effects while they last.