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Steven Gerrard is up for sale on Craigslist

Twas the night before Christmas and easy to miss. A comical posting on the South Bay Craigslist.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The recent transfer of Juninho to Club Tijuana has left many Galaxy fans up in arms, and it's really no surprise that the bulk of this anger is being directed at a certain English midfielder. While the realities of the transfer may never be known, the general perception among Galaxy fans is that Juninho, much like Marcelo Sarvas before him, was sacrificed by the club at the altar of Steven Gerrard .

A quick scroll through Facebook or twitter demonstrates the average fan reaction to the Galaxy's latest holiday move is one that involves a lot of cursing and caps lock.  One fan, however, found a unique way to vent his frustration. He listed Steven Gerrard on craigslist.

While the posting itself is comic gold, describing Gerrard as "great at meandering through grassy fields, [and] appearing listless on the sidelines," there is also much to laughed at in the finer details, such as its placement in the antiques section and the condition being listed as "salvage."

While the posting is all in good fun, it does demonstrate how quickly the fans are turning on Steven Gerrard. This is nothing new for the Galaxy, of course, as David Beckham was given a similarly short leash by the fans in his first few years.  The Beckham era, however, ended with the Galaxy hoisting two MLS Cups, which should serve as an important lesson to us about jumping the gun on narratives. Whether Steven Gerrard will end up being a star or a dud in this league, remains to be seen, but, for now, he's going to have to deal with a fan base that is increasingly harboring resentment towards him.