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Report: Chivas USA could go on hiatus in 2015

The StubHub! Center could get a little roomy again next year if MLS go through with a plan to put Chivas USA on hiatus while the club is retooled.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

As Chivas USA future news is StubHub! Center news, this report from Brian Straus that the Goats may sit out the 2015 and possibly even the 2016 season is quite the story. The gist of the report is that the MLS owners could approve a new partner in the single entity structure at the October 6th owners' meeting, but that the new owners would take a year of two to retool and relaunch LA's second franchise.

Keeping the team in LA and building a soccer specific stadium are conditions of the sale, so the StubHub! Center could lose its second tenant and might never get them back. Chris Klein has promised improvements to the Center which was built as a pioneer in the industry before MLS stadiums took on a more European look.

The report also claims Sporting Kansas City and the Houston Dynamo could more to the west, making a dominant Western Conference even more difficult to win. When Sporting KC won MLS Cup last season, they were the first Eastern Conference team since Columbus in 2008 to win the trophy. In that span there were two MLS Cups without an Eastern Conference representative.

Rodriguez said, however, that if Chivas or its replacement takes the field next year, it needs as much separation from its former landlord as possible. It requires more practice space, more office space and something resembling its own identity.

Chivas USA's current situation was compared to Sporting Kansas City playing in a minor league baseball stadium awaiting their rebrand. Right now Chivas USA effectively rents spare office space at the StubHub! Center, and gets second pick of the available practice fields.