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Morning roundup: Chivas' future and MLS planning past

We got a list from 1994 of potential MLS sites that doesn't include Portland but does include everywhere else the league has expanded. We also got a statement from MLS on what's going to happen with Chivas USA.

Rich Schultz

Today I saw an MLS document unearthed from the bowels of the dilapidated Silverdome in Detroit, and simply had to share it. Pablo Maurer runs the MLSist twitter handle and contributes DC United material for, and while exploring what remains of the Silverdome he came across this.

Here is a the list of current MLS cities and confirmed expansion sites that are featured on that potential MLS communities list.

Kansas City
Los Angeles
New York/New Jersey
Salt Lake City
San Jose
Washington D.C.

The current MLS cities not listed are Portland and the three Canadian teams. The oversight on Portland is interesting when cities like Albuquerque with no major league tradition made the list. San Antonio is also left off, which has built the Scorpions their own stadium.

Both LA and Orange County are listed on the potential communities, and while we muse on the future of Chivas USAwe got this statement from the league.

That's our first glimpse of some fire behind all this smoke. Of course, that's not going to stop speculation otherwise.