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What would you call a Chivas USA home-brew?

With the LA Galaxy set to take on Chivas USA this weekend, it's customary for SB Nation editors to exchange three questions. This time we got a bit sillier.

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With the LA Galaxy set to take on Chivas USA this weekend, it's customary for SB Nation editors to exchange three questions. Usually they're of a tactical nature, or questions about recent story lines, but this time around Alicia Rodriguez of The Goat Parade and I decided to answer the real questions on everyone's mind. Like what would you call a Chivas USA home-brew? My answers to her questions will be published a little later in the day.

1) Homebrewing is all the rage these days, and thanks to things like Free Beer Movement soccer tends to go hand in hand. What would you call the official Chivas USA homebrew beer? Puns encouraged of course.

My top idea is "Goats con sabor!" It combines the team's nickname with Spanglish, which is basically the native language of parts of LA.

But in thinking about the idea that name conveys, it sounds like we're having a BBQ, and it's not beer at all we're talking about.

So, take two: "El Capitan brew," featuring Carlos Bocanegra painted in his most heroic pose while wearing a CUSA kit on the label.

2) Some of the best giveaways are inside jokes with passionate fans, bobbleheads with signature poses for example. What potential giveaway is the Chivas USA marketing brass overlooking?

On the beer tip, how about this: take-home beer cups with special tops. The tops have let's say 15 holes poked in them, so they resemble a shower head. When Chivas USA score a goal, beer shower time! Not only will that be an homage to goal celebrations south of the border, but it means customers will be inclined to buy more beer after they dump the last one out in celebration!

3) If you're gonna drink official homebrew, you're going to get hungry. If the StubHub! Center were to name a menu item after a player, what would it be? Puns again are encouraged.

First, I thought of Kennedy's Kotton Kandy or Kennedy's Korn Dogs, but I can't stand either "food."

But then inspiration struck! Ok, so it's not named for a player, but I think this one is actually pretty sound: "Chivasquiles," your favorite breakfast dish, chilaquiles, served all day. Of course, with all those early Sunday games for the Goats this year, the dish fits perfectly for fans rolling out of bed and heading to the game.

Oh right, the game! Who do you think starts?

GK: Dan Kennedy
D: Eric Avila, Bobby Burling, Carlos Bocanegra, Donny Toia
M: Mauro Rosales, Marky Delgado, Martin Rivero, Agustin Pelletieri, Leandro Barrera
F: Erick Torres