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LAG Confidential's Fantastic 2014 MLS Fantasy League

Come live out your managerial fantasies in this fantastic 2014 MLS fantasy league full of fantastical whimsy and fun.

Clive Brunskill

MLS Fantasy 2014 is live, and you dear LAG Confidential readers, can sign up for our site specific league by clicking this link here (link). The league is a classic setup, kicking off with week one, and takes advantage of many of the new features MLS had added for the new year in fantasy.

Fantasy rosters have been expanded to a full eighteen, giving fantasy managers more options on game day. The budget has also been expanded to $120 million and now teams can have four players from one MLS club. This means an average player should come in at around $6.5 mill, and adding expensive DP type $11 mill players will require supplementing the roster with some bargain players.

There are some scoring changes this year. No more penalties for missing a big chance, and now the second assist counts toward point totals. Players get two points for earning a penalty, and one point for causing an own-goal.

This season instead of lineups locking fifteen minutes before matches start, individual players lock fifteen minutes before their matches. So instead of trying to hedge bets on players listed as questionable, players will have the opportunities to make adjustments as starting lineups are announced.

So give it a whirl. I've already made my team and look forward to competing with all of you.