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LAG Confidential Podcast: LA vs RSL

Mike Gray and Sean Steffen team up to deliver you unparallelled tactical analysis in podcast form.

Stephen Dunn

We here at LAG Confidential pride ourselves on delivering you a certain level of tactical analysis of Galaxy soccer that you simply can't get anywhere else. Now that it's playoff time, we've decided to dip our toes into the strange world of podcasts. In this episode, Mike Gray and Sean Steffen give you a tactical breakdown of last Saturday's game, and it's the type of analysis you simply can't  find anywhere else, print or podcast. Want to know what RSL did to shut down the Galaxy attack? Want to learn how LA can fix it? You'll want to give this a listen.

We admit the episode is rather rough around the edges from a technical standpoint. It's our first attempt, after-all, but we promise to get better each and every podcast, and we further promise that, no matter what, we will always provide listeners with the best tactical analysis around. So give us a listen.

LAGC Podcast - Ep 1