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LA Galaxy pass in today's MLS Dispersal Draft

LA Galaxy passed in the Chivas USA Dispersal Draft, while FC Dallas selected Dan Kennedy with the first pick.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Galaxy passed in today's MLS Dispersal Draft for players who still have MLS contracts and played for Chivas USA in 2014. Seven MLS teams chose to take players in the draft, starting with FC Dallas who had the first pick in the draft and chose goalkeeper Dan Kennedy. There's speculation that current Dallas keeper Raul Fernandez won't return to the team in 2015, making this move somewhat expected.

The other Western Conference teams which made selections went for youth, with the San Jose Earthquakes taking rookie Kristopher Tyrpak and Colorado Rapids taking homegrown Caleb Calvert. Some more experienced names didn't get picked up in the draft, with Nigel Rio-Coker and Oswaldo Minda still looking for a new 2015 club.

Of more concern to the LA Galaxy might be the academy players of Chivas USA, who will continue to play through mid-2015 before the system disbands. No word yet on how their futures will be handled.