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Further explanation of upcoming MLS Expansion Draft rules

Designated Players are not automatically protected, DPs with a no-trade clause are automatically on the protected list rather than being exempt.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

MLS has a number of player redistribution drafts coming up in the near future, the one which needs the most explanation in the MLS Expansion Draft. I attempted my first primer this morning, but we've able to confirm more details about how the upcoming Expansion Draft will look.

To mock this, these are the Galaxy players I believe will make up the eleven player protected list: Jaime Penedo, A.J. DeLaGarza, Omar Gonzalez, Robbie Rogers, Dan Gargan, Baggio Husidic, Juninho, Marcelo Sarvas, Robbie Keane, Alan Gordon, Stefan Ishizaki

Of the current starters, Landon Donovan is retiring and Gyasi Zardes is off the salary budget as a Homegrown Player. Alan Gordon and Stefan Ishizaki are the most valuable substitutes on the roster. Bullet points bellow further explain the rules governing these decisions.

These choices would mean the Galaxy make available the likes of Rob Friend, Tommy Meyer, Leonardo, Todd Dunivant, Charlie Rugg, and more. Not too many concerns for the 2015 roster.

  • If a player retires he will not be part of the club's roster, but his club will loose the right of first refusal to him should he ultimately decide to play. In the case of Landon Donovan I don't think this will have any consequences because even if he did for some reason decide to come back, he'd be one of those "above a certain threshold" players.
  • Homegrown Players and non-graduated Generation Adidas players on the Supplemental Roster don't need to be protected, but the other Supplement Roster players will be a part of the draft.
  • There's a fun quirk with respect to international players. Clubs may make available a number of international players equal to their total number of international players minus three. The Galaxy have six internationals, which means the Galaxy can make at most three available. For LA this could mean making Leonardo, Rob Friend, and Stefan Ishizaki available.
  • The DP protection rule says that if a club has a DP with a no-trade clause he must be protected (as in non-optional), but DP's without no-trade clauses are not automatically protected. For LA this means that Robbie Keane and Omar Gonzalez, assuming no-trade clauses, are automatically spots one and two on the protected list.
  • Once two players have been claimed, a team is out of the draft. Once one player is claimed, a team may protect an additional player from the non-protected list.