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Leaked: LA Galaxy 2014 home shirt

The LA Galaxy 2014 home shirt was leaked by a French soccer shirt site, and it features a sash that has all eleven in.

LA Galaxy 2014 home shirt has leaked
LA Galaxy 2014 home shirt has leaked

The 2014 LA Galaxy home shirt has been leaked by a French site which already has it for sale. It's up to the individual to decide if it's worth the Euros (and the exchange rate is not favorable) but we're going to treat this leak as legitimate. There's always the possibility of tweaks between now and the official unveil but there are a number of reasons why this seems legitimate.

The new home shirt keeps the sash from 2012, and while it actually crosses the entire front this time (showing a different construction from the 2012 version which came in on the front) it does so in a way reminiscent of the Phoenix Suns or the Portland Trailblazers.

In the case of the Trailblazers, the five streaks were supposed to invoke the five players on a basketball team. Remembering this led me to count the number of streaks in the new Galaxy sash. That's right, there's eleven stripes in the sash. I didn't like the sash at first, but after noticing that detail.

The bottom right has the same tag as the change shirt, bringing the two of them into the same design aesthetic. While the change shirt was supposed to be a nod to the fans, this shirt feels self referential. I don't love that the sash is a gradient up to a different shade of blue, but it was probably considered necessary to make the crest stand out. On the previous home kit the crest faded into the sash a bit.

The designer does feel overly concerned about making the crest stand out, putting tiny 3D-ish quasars in the background of the quasar crest. Conversely, the crest was also made simpler sticking to one shade of gold and one shade of blue for the outline. So I'm of two minds about that part.

Positioning of the stars was an issue with last year's shirts as they tried to make a new championship star stand out without wearing the scudetto all year. This year they have the stars in a line, so that's a mazel.

To borrow from Uni-Watch: is it good or is it stupid? I wish the gradient was fixed and they ditched the background on the crest, but otherwise I think this is good.