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LA Galaxy SuperDraft prep: Where are the holes?

The 2014 MLS SuperDraft is on Thursday, and with the recent roster moves it can be tough to remember where the LA Galaxy have holes. Let's break it down position by position, using 2013 regular season starts


The 2014 MLS SuperDraft is on Thursday, and with the recent roster moves it can be tough to remember where the LA Galaxy have holes. Let's break it down position by position, comparing 2013 regular season starts (shown as apps. but limited to starts) across all competitions to who's available in 2014:

2013 Apps 2014
R. Keane 24 Keane
L. Donovan 16 Donovan
J. Villarreal 12 Zardes
G. Zardes 10 McBean
J. McBean 7 Rugg
C. Rugg 2 Samuel
M. Magee 2 Friend

The list is ordered by number of appearances at the position. On WhoScored the highest rated player is Mike Magee over two appearances, but Donovan and Keane are the only forwards still with the club who averaged better than a seven. Villarreal's loan plus the offseason acquisitions makes the Galaxy as deep at forward as they were last season, so I wouldn't imagine they go after this spot in the draft.

2013 Apps 2014
M. Sarvas 33 M. Sarvas
Juninho 34 Juninho
P. Mastroeni 3 M. Stephens
M. Stephens 2 R. Garcia
R. Garcia 1 B. Husidic

Another spot where LA has managed to go into draft time with as many player as they left 2013 with. Michael Stephens isn't a long term solution in the center of the pitch, but Baggio Husidic will be able to step in and give the Brazilian pair some more games off in 2014. Still, with the trade down I could see LA drafting at this spot as it was really thin last season.

2013 Apps 2014
H. Jimenez 14 L. Donovan
L. Donovan 6 R. Rogers
S. Franklin 5 M. Stephens
R. Rogers 4
M. Magee 3
M. Stephens 3

Here's where we get some real pruning. The players LA has let go who made appearances at this position last season represent 22 appearances. Is Bruce Arena counting on Rogers taking over this spot and staying healthy with Donovan staying up top? Or have the offseason forward acquisitions been so LA can move Donovan back to the midfield permanently? At the very least, Arena should feel free to go after an outside midfielder in the draft.

2013 Apps 2014
G. Zardes 15 G. Zardes
M. Magee 5 R. Rogers
R. Rogers 5 M. Stephens
C. Clark 4 M. Sarvas
M. Stephens 3 L. Donovan
M. Sarvas 2
L. Donovan 1

Robbie Rogers split time between the two sides of the midfield, but Zardes owned the left midfielder spot. If LA keeps Donovan up top I expect Zardes to hang on to this spot with Rogers starting on the other side. If Donovan shifts back to MR, then Rogers and Zardes may have to battle it out in the preseason. The depth at this position is largely because of versatile players, LA could go for an outside midfielder who focuses their effort on the left side.

2013 Apps 2014
O. Gonzalez 29 O. Gonzalez
A. DeLaGarza 18 A. DeLaGarza
Leonardo 12 Leonardo
K. Opare 8 K. Opare
T. Meyer 5 T. Meyer

The Galaxy have lost none of their starters here, a position they've drafted the last two off-seasons. Losing Franklin could shake the list up, and if there is a competition opened up I'd imagine Leonardo, Opare, and Meyer would fight fairly hard for it.

2013 Apps 2014
S. Franklin 26 A. DeLaGarza
A. DeLaGarza 10

So here's a million dollar question: what does LA do now that Franklin is gone? DeLaGarza could simply step up, but there's still the matter of a backup. Sorto's only 19 with no appearances last year, this would be a great spot to bring a rookie in.

2013 Apps 2014
T. Dunivant 27 T. Dunivant
G. Cochrane 9 G. Cochrane

No real change here, with Dunivant returning for another go. There's also Bryan Gual returning from his loan who might be around.

2013 Apps 2014
C. Cudicini 21 J. Penedo
J. Penedo 11 B. Rowe
B. Rowe 4 B. Perk

It's easy to forget just how long the Galaxy drug Carlo Cudicini along. Twenty-one starts before Bruce Arena found a replacement. All logic points to him retiring even though he's technically still on the Galaxy roster. Perk has the ability to be the no. 2 even if injuries kept him from contributing more last season.