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Fifty Star, Thirteen Stripe Daily: USA vs. Mexico

Plenty at stake in the USA vs. Mexico matchup in Columbus. Here's a bowl full of patriotic links to sink your teeth into.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I can't believe I'm about to attempt a fifty star, thirteen stripe post, but in honor of USA vs. Mexico here goes:

  • Starting at home, the LA Times writes that there's plenty at stake in US-Mexico. Both teams have much to play for with the US possibly clinching a World Cup berth while Mexico has to fight to stay in a qualifying position.
  • The national paper of record (NY Times) is harsher on Mexico, saying El Tri has lost its way. Mexico is still no. 20 in the world, but the dismissal of their coach is certainly the surest sign that things aren't all right south of the border.
  • Sports Illustrated doubled down on the match, with Grant Wahl writing about Tim Howard embracing the pressure (despite some fan unhappiness at how he handed the Costa Rica match).
  • Brian Straus wrote a great piece on how Columbus became the unofficial home of US soccer. Those of you who have ESPN classic can watch the past Columbus USA vs. Mexico matches all day today.
  • The New York Daily News focused on Michael Bradley's absence, and how it could leave the US on unsure footing. Bradley rolled an ankle during warm-ups in Costa Rica, the first of many things to go wrong for the US.
  • The Washington Post went with a basic preview.
  • SB Nation's Massive Report has the story on the ground of Columbus as epicenter of American soccer.
  • The SB Nation soccer preview calls the match a giant crap shoot.
  • There's been some MLS news made as well. Former Rutgers athletic director Pernetti was hired by NYC FC to be their CBO.
  • Toyota won the naming rights to FC Dallas Stadium, formerly Pizza Hut Park. It will be named Toyota Stadium, while the surrounding fields will be named Toyota Soccer Center. I've long wished this for the now StubHub Center formerly The Home Depot Center. The complex has a name, but the soccer stadium itself is just the soccer stadium at the StubHub Center, not differentiated at all from the Tennis Stadium or any of the practice fields.
  • Marco di Vaio was named MLS player of the week for his brace last weekend which contributed to a road win over the New England Revolution.
  • ESPN Boston felt those Revs showed fight.
  • Maximilano Urruti coming to Toronto and then heading to Portland is one of the stranger stories of the year.
  • Also strange is the League DP which may or may not exist.
  • The Toronto Sun wrote that the deal stunned MLS.
  • Somewhat forgotten in the deal is that the Timbers traded away one of their original signings in order to get Urruti.
  • The Oregonian was also high on the gift given to them by the scheduling gods.
  • The Armchair Analyst has a tactical look at the matchup to come.
  • Frankie Hejduk on the upcoming matchup? "It's going to be raging, bro"
  • Here are the various scenarios which would lead to the US clinching a World Cup berth tonight.
  • US still "wary of what Mexico brings"
  • Here's Greg Lalas with a history on the USA-Mexico series at Crew Stadium.

I made it to twenty two stars, I'm quite proud of myself. Here's a video on the road to Brazil: